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Field Data Apps 


Mappt™ is a powerful yet easy to use mobile map-based app from our Partner, Takor, that allows users to collect and map their data offline on a mobile phone or tablet.

Available to anyone via the Google Play Store, Mappt™ has been built for amateurs and professionals who want to create, edit, store and share data in the field in a simple and efficient manner.

Many of Mappt’s features are customisable, sit on an extremely user friendly interface, and have low cost monthly subscriptions. This is why a variety of businesses in over 120 countries worldwide choose Mappt™ for their field data collection and management needs.

For more information, please visit the Mappt™ website or download a free trial from the Google Play Store.


Beyond180 are the North American distributor for Mappt products.  Contact us for details about bespoke customisations, integrations with existing GIS and mapping solutions, or for custom built cloud services to complement Mappt.

For information about the bespoke field app for defence, please visit

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