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Security / Intel

B9: Common Operating Picture

The B9 is an advanced  situational awareness platform that combines state-of-the-art 3D and 2D mapping technology with intuitive touch-based interfaces, and links geospatial information with intelligent sensors, GeoRSS, documents, photos, blueprints, and dynamic web content.  Together, and within one screen, command and operational centre personnel and team leaders can collaborate and gain a 360 degree view of the operational environment.  

The COP developed by the B9 can include local imagery and 3D representations of topography, buildings and other infrastructure as well as related critical information such as real-time video, site photography, recorded security events, and 911 emergency calls.

Using the B9's mark-up tools and touch screens, command centre personnel can define boundaries, track personnel movements, overlay text and notes, and share information instantly allowing for timely, coordinated and effective operational action to be taken in a fully-informed manner.

Range Control Suite

The Range Control Suite is a set of geospatial tools for the control of firing range operations, adding efficiency, accuracy, accountability and, importantly, safety into the management regime.  This system was implemented originally at CFB Gagetown in 2008 and has been fully operational 24/7/365 ever since. 


The suite consists of 3 easy-to-use tools for system administration, operations management, and data sharing.  These tools provide controlled data access and visualisation of range-related information to authorised parties, all managed and generated by range wardens and range administrators.


Overall the Range Control Suite allows for the management of operations through defined safety-related workflows.  Full electronic audit trails are created and stored providing full transparency and control of all operations which is vital in maintaining safety in such environments.


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