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Hope Spot Information Platform

Beyond180 is creating a unique information platform for Mission Blue to support their Hope Spot initiative.  Using ArcGIS Online as a geospatial foundation, Beyond180 have developed a federated system of record for the Oceans with an array of operational tools and reports to allow Mission Blue and its Partners and Stakeholders to manage and promote a global network of ocean Hope Spots.


The aim is for all interested parties, including an increasingly informed public, to share this platform and to be able to generate and share highly useful information in the form of maps, web sites, and other forms of reports and actionable intelligence for local action and education, for government and political hearings, social media outreach, and general awareness campaigns.  

The Hope Spot Information Platform provides Mission Blue with an IT foundation in it's quest to conduct a global campaign to attempt to save the Blue (and therefore the Green)  part of our Planet.

Havene : an Ocean Data Warehouse


Havene is a geospatial catalogue, capable of storing, indexing and managing vast amounts of data from both curated and non-curated crowd-sources, from multiple individuals, agencies, and/or organisations.  Havene integrates and indexes local, regional and global datasets from scientists, concerned citizens and activists and makes the contents available to all.

This cloud-based platform which can easily be integrated into existing information systems and can be thought of as providing the foundation for a federated system of record that provides a common repository and promotes data searching and sharing.  

While providing a foundation federated system of record for Hope Spots and Ocean conservation Havene can provide the foundation for a common geospatial-based repository that promotes data searching and sharing for any organisation/industry/common interest group.

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